Into the wild world of blogging…

I have always thought it would be cool to join in on the “blog” thing.  I have finally decided I would try it.  I would like to warn you that I am not exactly an accomplished author so things might be a bit rough around the edges.  In fact, I am a coder by trade so things will be ugly and probably phrased oddly here and there…  Please bear with me on this.

My goals for this blog are:

Provide an outlet for me to share my opinion on various topics that I feel need saying

There are plenty of articles that I read that really set my thought process in motion.  While I feel I must share them with family, friends and just about anyone who can think, Facebook and twitter just don’t allow you to go into detail.  I plan on posting articles here, and then referring back to them.

Provide a place where I can post tips for secure and responsible computer use

Being a coder, I have come to understand how computers work in a fairly low-level way (at least in comparison to everyday users.)   I would like to share tips, how-tos and other interesting bits of computer use for everybody on this site.

Provide a place where I can post things to keep me motivated à la being held up to public scrutiny

I’m a slacker.  Heck, I’m a slackers slacker.  I’ve made resolutions to lose weight when I was around 260, but guess what? I’ve gone in the other direction.  I’m starting to border on 290…  I think that if I can also use this site to post progress on, it will be out there and others can help hold me accountable.

What I don’t want to do on this blog:

Put everyday mundane things up for everyone to see.

I know I don’t care about everyday things of other people like their cats latest bowel movements or their kids finally figuring out that the only word you could spell in a bowl of Cheerios is “Ooooo”.  I don’t expect you to care about my mundane things.  If you feel like you must share that info, please let me know who you are on Facebook and twitter so I can stop following/unfriend you.

The closest thing I plan on doing is my weight loss, and that is simply going to be some stats.  I might put up a page dedicated to it for more detail, then only post weigh-ins and other critical info as I go.  But you won’t hear about Ritters (A Scottish Terrier who apparently owns the house in which he allows us to live in) love for the letter R (He does not bark, yip or howl.  It is a kind of “RRRRrrrrrrrr” thing…)

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